Frequently asked questions (FAQ) is a marketplace platform for selling CPA and online marketing related products and services. Easy to use platform with always instant delivery on products. Services have 0-48h delivery time.
Contact immediately. If there was and error with download we will provide you a new download link. Please note that some services are not delivered instantly.
Due the nature of digital products, refunds are only available on special cases. If you didn't get what was described, open dispute and we will make a refund/deliver right product. Contact for more information.
You can download your product anytime using the link you got in the email, no time restrictions. If there was an error with your download, we can get you new download link, just contact for more information. Keep in mind that sharing download links is not allowed, sharing your link will terminate the product license without any compensation.
Reselling products is not allowed. All licenses are personal or for single company. Buying a product behalf your customer is allowed. Sharing is prohibited.
Login to your seller profile and click "affiliates". You will earn 10% made from every sale.
After every sale, all funds are frozen for 35 days. After 35 days has passed, you will get your payment on next payout date if you have over $50 USD balance waiting for payout. Payouts are made once a week.
This is made to prevent any fraudulent sales from happening. We may extend this time if further investigation is required.
We currently have 70% revenue share for all sales made trough our platform. That means seller keeps 70% and we keep 30%. Affiliates percentage will not affect your revenue share.